BIOGRAPHY (partial): Michael Essington got his start in art at the age of five; sixteen years ago he traded in his crayons for a computer. He has identified not only his style, but his natural ability to create. His multi-talents lend themselves to the diversity and quality needed for the range of projects handled by his agency. Michael attended California State University of Northridge where he majored in Art. Computerized Graphic Design was not yet taught at the university, so Michael can also tack onto his accomplishments teaching himself to do what he does so well.

Michael has received digital art recognition and been the Profile Artist of the Month in Micro Publishing News four times; and has been a guest speaker for the Los Angeles City Schools Digital Art Program. Original pieces have been published in nationally-distributed magazines such as PEI and several others. Some of Michael's other accomplishments have included ad work for a nationwide vitamin company, as well as monthly layouts in AVN Online, Klixxx & Cybersocket. He has created digital art for clients ranging from Adobe to Universal Pictures. Web site projects have ranged from Lollapalooza to Vivid Video.

CLIENT LIST (partial): Natrol Vitamins, AVN, Klixxx, Cybersocket, Adobe, Universal Pictures, Tool, and Vivid Video.

PRESS (partial)*:AVN Online [French Edition], September 2000; PEI; Photo Electronic Imaging, December 1999; Micro Publishing News, May 1999," Design News,"; Digital Imaging, September 1998, "Digital Gallery"; Micro Publishing News, July 1998, "Design News"; Micro Publishing News, May 1998, "User Profile"; Insider, November 1998, "Profile"; Micro Publishing News, February 1998, "Showcase"

WEB DESIGN (partial)**: Michael Essington ; Essington Design ; Web Comics.

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